March: Berlin&Beyond Film Festival in San Francisco - Feature Film 25km/h won International Audience Award as well as nomination for Best Feature Film, German Film Awards in May. The new year kicked off with the Ernst Lubitsch Award for 25km/h celebrating the two leads Lars Eidinger and Bjarne Mädel at Berlin’s movie theatre Babylon along with the premiere of the theatre production Gleis 69 (Track 69) - Erinnern an eine deutsche Familie at the Center for Art and Urbanism, directed by D. Sutherland and E. Kahn, a CD project for soprano Marie Louise Werneburg (translation / adaptation from English to German of three love songs from the Shakespearean period). Broadcast on German TV of feature film Freiheit (Johanna Wokalek) directed by Jan Speckenbach.

Recipients of GVL grants in part (Weiterbildung in Englisch für Schauspieler) are Cosima Henman (English), Jasmin Mairhofer (German) together with longtime collaborators (in English) Hanno Koffler, and Matthias Schweighöfer who returned after a leave of absence.


Welcoming actors Annika Blendl, Stella Maria Adorf, Livia Matthes, Marie-Lou Sellem, Gina Stiebitz, Lisa Vicari, Anne Marie Waldeck, Frederick Lau and New Talent Till Schindler...just to name a few...Both Till and François Göske mastered an American accent in English on two very different projects. In June, we finally enjoyed the Berlin premiere of Shirin Neshat’s feature Looking for Oum Kulthum. Alexander Beyer was cast in the international Mini Series The Little Drummer Girl which premiered at the London Filmfestival in the fall of 2018. Feature film 25km/h was presented at the Media Convention in May with actor Lars Eidinger and director Markus Goller as panelists, it opened in movie theatres throughout Germany in late October, and was nominated for the Ernst Lubitsch Award. Horror movie Suspiria (Angela Winkler) was presented in competition at the Venice Filmfestival. Broadcasts on German TV of British TV mini series SS-GB (Lars Eidinger), Norwegian-German coproduction The Heavy Water War – The Saboteurs ( Peri Baumeister), feature films Pope Joan (Johanna Wokalek) and The Young Karl Marx (Stefan Konarske), TV movie Wir Monster (Mehdi Nebbou).

Winter and Spring 2017

TV Mini Series The Same Sky / Der Gleiche Himmel was presented with leading actress Friederike Becht on German TV Channel ZDF during the last week of March, a British-German coproduction. TV Mini Series SS-GB was presented in England on BBC One with leading actor Lars Eidinger from late February through late March. Lars received rave reviews for his performance. Feature films Hart's War and Valkyrie were both shown again on German TV. A first were three presentations of Ernestine Kahn's work with three major leads in three very different productions at the Berlin Film Festival: Special Gala for Stefan Konarske as Friedrich Engels (British accent with a German base) in the feature film The Young Karl Marx, Friederike Becht as Sabine Cutter (German/English with American accent) in the TV mini-series The Same Sky / Der Gleiche Himmel, and Lars Eidinger as SS Officer Dr. Oskar Huth (British accent with German base) in the TV mini-series SS-GB. Nomination Prix Europa for TV Fiction mini-series The Same Sky / Der Gleiche Himmel (2016). Grimme Online Award Nomination for The Städel Museum's online course (produced like a film) presenting actor Sebastian Blomberg as host with Ernestine K as dialogue director (English Version). Broadcast of TV movie Wir Monster in Germany, dialogue coach in German for actor Mehdi Nebbou. Inbetween Augsburg/Bavaria ... Closely tied to the exhibition Kahn & Arnold - Two families as entrepreneurs, their rise, persecution, and emigration at the Stately Textile and Industry Museum (in Augsburg) as well as to the theatre production Der Zerbrochene Kelch / The Broken Kiddush Cup directed by Elizabeth Kahn & David Sutherland.


Kahn & Arnold - The Rise, Persecution and Emigration of Two Augsburg Entrepreneur Families in the 20th Century -
Exhibition at the State Textile and Industry Museum Augsburg (tim), 2017-2018 (video clip in German with English subtitles)

Summer and Fall 2017:

Hamburg Filmfestival - feature films Looking for Oum Kulthum with leading actress Neda Rahmanian and Matilda directed by Aleksey Uchitel with leading actor Lars Eidinger. Looking for Oum Kulthum was nominated for Producer's Award in Hamburg. Tokyo International Filmfestival and Cologne Filmfestival - Forget about Nick - Opening night feature film directed by Margarete von Trotta with actress Tinka Fürst. Locarno Filmfestival - feature films Freiheit / Freedom (in competition) with leading actress Johanna Wokalek and Drei Zinnen / Three Peaks (Winner of the Variety Piazza Grande Award) with male lead Alexander Fehling. Venice Filmfestival - feature Looking for Oum Kulthum directed by Shirin Neshat screened in the independent section Venice Days. Toronto Fimfestival - special screenings of both Three Peaks and Looking for Oum Kulthum. German Films Festival Paris and Hof Filmfestival (Germany) - Three Peaks Opening night film of both festivals. London Filmfestival - Special  presentation of Looking for Oum Kulthum. Feature Film Freedom / Freiheit with leading actress Johanna Wokalek was also presented in 2017 at the filmfestivals in Copenhagen, Denmark, Warsaw, Poland, Haifa International, Israel, Sao Paulo International, Brazil, Goa International Filmfestival, and Hof. Förderpreis for Drei Zinnen in Hof. Deutscher Fernsehpreis for best sound design for mini series Der Gleiche Himmel.


Feature film A House in Berlin finally received distribution and was screened several times at the movie theatre Babylon starting November 9th after the passing of actress Doris Egbring-Kahn on November 5th. Doris' portrait by artist Moshe Alembik was presented as the star of his show on November 6th at an exhibtion during the Jewish Arts Festival/Jüdische Kulturtage. Both events had been in the planning before her unexpected death. And she was looking forward to attending them. Oct. 3rd, Premiere of award recipient for best director/Cannes film festival,feature film Personal Shopper with actor Lars Eidinger at the Hamburg Filmfestival. September 21st, Premiere feature film SNOWDON in Munich, Germany. World PREMIERE of SNOWDON, directed by Oliver Stone with actor Rhys Ifans at The Toronto Filmfestival in early September. Feature films The Girl King (Peter Lohmeyer) and Atomic Falafel (Alexander Fehling) opened in movie theatres throughout Germany in summer 2016. Age of Cannibals / Zeit der Kannibalen premiered on German TV Channel One / ARD on June 14th. German-Israeli Coproduction and Feature Film Atomic Falafel with leading actor Alexander Fehling celebrated it's German premiere at the Jewish Filmfestival on June 12th in Berlin. The short film Tarot Reading, directed by Aneta Panek with actress Doris Egbring-Kahn (supported in part by Ernestine Kahn), opened at the Independant New York Filmfestival in April 2016, was presented at Filmfestivals in Japan (Tokio and Osaka) in May, and was screened at the Berlin Short Film Festival between June 30th - July 4th. Feature Film Personal Shopper with Lars Eidinger as Ingo won the Best Director Award for Olivier Assayas at the Cannes Filmfestival. In the early months of the year features Age of Cannibals / Zeit der Kannibalen and The Countess / Die Gräfin were presented On German-French TV channel Arte as well as Hart's War / Das Tribunal on German channel Kabel Deutschland. Homeland Season 5 (Berlin) nominated as "Best Ensemble" with Alexander Fehling as Jonas Hollander by the Screen Actors Guild of America in Hollywood.

Clip from Zeit der Kannibalen / Age of Cannibals. Produced by Studio.TV. Berlin, directed by Johannes Naber.


What a year! Professionally a wonderful one, working with actors such as Rhys Ifans, Lars Eidinger, Alexander Fehling, Stefan Konarske, Hanno Koffler, Christian Friedel, and with Hannah Herzsprung, Johanna Wokalek, Silke Bodenbender. Catherine Flemming was cast as the Duchess of Kent in the British mini-series Victoria, the numerous awards for Age of Cannibals/Zeit der Kannibalen produced by Milena Maitz. Ernestine Kahn being closely tied to the films directed by Oliver Stone, Olivier Assayas, Raoul Peck or to the TV-series Homeland produced (and directed) by Lesli Linka Glatter as well as to British mini-series SS-GB directed by Philipp Kadelbach. Not to forget all the potential talent out there. In spite of living in a more dangerous world. June 21, opening of feature film Girl on Ice at Moscow Filmfestival. June 19, Zeit der Kannibalen / Age of Cannibals Recipient Best Film (Bronze) and Best Screenplay, awarded by the German Film Academy in Berlin.

May 21, feature film Girl On Ice, shot in English and Russian, opening in Hamburg, Germany. May 15, Zeit der Kannibalen nominated by the German Film Academy in 3 major categories: Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.

In April, actor Sebastian Blomberg is nominated for the 3rd time as Best Actor in Zeit der Kannibalen, this time by the German Actors Union. In March, Ernestine Kahn on set with actor Rhys Ifans for feature film SACHA / SNOWDON, directed by Oliver Stone.

In February, actor Sebastian Blomberg, nominated for the 2nd time, recipient Best Actor, Johannes Naber Best Director, Stefan Weigl Best Screenplay for Zeit der Kannibalen, actor Devid Striesow nominated as Best Actor for the 2nd time, by the German Film Critics Association during the Berlin Filmfestival.

January - June 2015, the English version of the documentary feature on German artist Ernst Barlach is presented in an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California. (produced by Havelstudios Berlin with Ernestine Kahn as Dialogue Director and narrated by actors Leslie Malton and Mario Adorf).

In 2015 Ernestine Kahn became a member of the Friends of the German Film Academy, as well as of the GVL (Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten / Society for the Evaluation - Distribution of Residuals).


began with 3 trips: to Moscow in prep for the shoot of feature film Girl on Ice, rehearsing with Russian and German cast both in English and Russian, inbetween Berlinale opening on February 10th of feature film Zeit der Kannibalen / Age of Cannibals, German/English, then shoot of Girl on Ice in Northwestern Russia til mid-April as well as coaching via Skype actors in New York, London, Cologne and Berlin. Including, in March, the exhibition opening about artist and experimental filmmaker Hans Richter, curated by Timothy Benson from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, at the Gropius Bau in Berlin. Another highlight in the fine arts was the Panel discussion with artists Katharina Fritsch, Taryn Simons, Jeff Koons, hosted by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist - Imagining the future of the museums for the Friends of Berggruen Museum Berlin, (June 2014) assisting artist Katharina Fritsch on the Panel in English. In May, extremely successful opening of Zeit der Kannibalen in movie theatres throughout Germany. During the summer four feature films were presented again on German TV channels: Escape from Tibet (Zwischen Himmel und Erde), Pope Joan (Die Päpstin), Valkyrie (Operation Walküre) und Albert Schweitzer. Johanna Wokalek starred as the female lead "Charlotte Salomon" in the opera commissioned by the Salzburg Festival based on the feature film "Charlotte" from 1980 (Ernestine Kahn had served as Dialogue Coach. It was her second job). On July 20th (very important date in German history) the English Version of the creative documentary RADICAL EVIL received the Avner Shalev-Yad Vashem Chairman's Award for Artistic Achievement at the International Filmfestival Jerusalem. In November both Devid Striesow and Sebastian Blomberg received The Günther Rohrbach Award for Best Actor. Doris Egbring-Kahn enjoyed her premiere of Cynthia Beatt's film "The House in Berlin" at Berlin's Sony Center. (EK had supported Cynthia's project as a casting consultant). Werner Daehn attended opening night of feature "Field of Lost Shoes" in Los Angeles and was cast as "Vicente" in the NBC TV-Series "Constantine". 2014 concluded with actor Pasquale Aleardi celebrating his New York debut on Broadway as "Billy Flynn" in the musical "Chicago".


started for Ernestine Kahn as dialogue coach (to actor Devid Striesow) and dialogue consultant to independent feature film directors such as Johannes Naber, Stefan Krohmer, Academy Award winner Stefan Ruzowitzky on multi-lingual European coproductions or as dialogue/dialect consultant to executive producer, creator, writer Charles Randolph for HBO's pilot The Missionary, much in the style of German director Hans Christian Schmid's Storm (2009) or the American produced digital TV series Hplus (Kahn coached actress Hannah Herzsprung 2011 in preproduction), presented by acclaimed Hollywood producer-director Byran Singer.

In the more recent past and present, new talent—unknown and well-known—young European actors and actresses have asked Ernestine Kahn to work with them on individual projects such as the feature films Vijay and I (2012), Escape from Tibet / Zwischen Himmel und Erde (2011), The Child, and Will, or on the Reading in English Hommage to Max Rheinhardt at the Salzburg Festival 2011 and HBO's TV series Strike Back. Just to name a few: Moritz Bleibtreu, Alexander Fehling, Hannah Herzsprung, Natalia Avelon, Clemens Schick, etc.


In 2012, the Deutsche Filmförderungsanstalt / German Federal Filmboard and Ernestine Kahn started working together on supporting actors, who have the potential for international careers or who already have gained experience on international feature film productions to develop their professional skills in English. Among them Peri Baumeister and Werner Daehn.


During 2009, five feature films were premiered at major cinemas that Ernestine Kahn contributed to as dialogue/dialect coach: Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Christian Berkel, Matthias Schweighöfer, directed by Bryan Singer; The Countess, with Julie Delpy, Daniel Brühl and William Hurt, directed by Julie Delpy; Storm, with Kerry Fox and Anamaria Marinca, directed by Hans-Christian Schmid; Pope Joan (Die Päpstin), with Johanna Wokalek, David Wenham and John Goodman, directed by Sönke Wortmann; and Albert Schweitzer, with Barbara Hershey, Jeroen Krabbé and Jeanette Hain, directed by Gavin Millar.

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