Looking for Oum KulthumDialogue / Dialect Coach in postproduction and ADR for actress Neda Rahmanian (in English) as Mitra, directed by Shirin Neshat, produced by Razor Film
Timm ThalerErnestine Kahn had a cameo appearance as a performer in the music video for feature film Timm Thaler. www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBCHXNgtrik
RobinDialogue / Dialect Coach in preproduction for actress Luisa Wietzorek as Alicia, Internet charity project produced by FilmCrew Media GmbH
 The following actors were supported in part by GVL to improve their skills for international productions in English 2016 and 2017: Friederike Becht, Max Schimmelpfennig, Arash Marandi, Lea Van Acken. Also working with singer / actress Katherine Mehrling, Noya Frank, Johanna Wokalek, actors Alexander Albrecht and Steve Windolf for future projects in development. Coach for art historian and curator Andrea Buddensieg who hosted a panel discussion (English) - Potential Spaces - at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe, Germany.


The Odd Couple (working title)Dialogue / Dialect Coach in prep and preproduction for actress Tinka Fürst as Antonia (American accent), feature film directed by Margarete von Trotta, produced by Heimatfilm
Staedel Museum Frankfurtfilm presentation of permanent collection, hosted by actor Sebastian Blomberg, EK served as Dialogue Director/Dialect Coach for The English version
Suspiria horror movie directed by Luca Guadagenino with actress Angela Winkler as Miss Tanner in prep.
Netflix Series Sense 8directed by Lana & Lilli Wachowski, Personal coach in prep for actor Lars Eidinger.
RadegundFeature Film directed by Terrence Malick with actor Alexander Fehling as attorney in prep.
The Devil’s TwinsDialogue/Dialect Coach in prep for actor Lars Eidinger as Paul, feature film directed by Lamberto Bava.
TV Series Berlin Babylonprep for actress Gloria Endres de Oliveras as Tilly (American accent in English), produced by X Filme Creative Pool Berlin.
British TV Series The Last Kingdom (Season 2)Personal Dialogue/Dialect Coach for actress Peri Baumeister as Danish Princess Gisela.
Three Peaksin preproduction Dialogue/Dialect Coach prepping Actor Alexander Fehling (British accent) for feature film to be directed by Jan Zabeil.
The Same Sky / Der gleiche Himmelin postproduction and ADR Dialogue/Dialect Coach for actress Friederike Becht (American accent) on three-part-mini series directed by Oliver Hirschspiegel.
British TV Series SS-GBPersonal Dialogue/Dialect Coach for actor Lars Eidinger as SS Officer Huth, directed by Philipp Kadelbach, starring Sam Riley.
 Prep for supporting cast: Olivia Gasche as Keyko (in English with Swiss-German accent) for feature film Satu Hari Nanti, Jane Chirwa as Nathalie (American accent) for short film Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, Steve Windolf ( with natural German accent) for TV series Genius, Susanne Wüst as voiceover (American Accent) in a docudrama. Ernestine Kahn is also currently in development for projects with actors Frederike Becht, Anton Pampuschnyy, Peter Zimmermann, Steve Windolf, Hannah Herzsprung, Birte Sebastian, Numan Acar, Pasquale Aleardi, Alexander Fehling, Vladimir Burlakov, Constantin Wenzel, Constantin Lücke, Martin Stange, Peter Foyse, Max Schimmelpfennig, Katy Karrenbauer, and Angela Winkler.


Personal ShopperDialogue/Dialect consultant to Lars Eidinger as Ingo, feature film directed by Olivier Assayas
Freiheit/FreedomDialogue Consultant to actress Johanna Wokalek as Nora, including rewrite of English dialogue, feature film directed by Jan Speckenbach
British TV Series SS-GBPersonal Dialogue/Dialect Coach for actor Lars Eidinger as SS Officer Huth, directed by Philipp Kadelbach, starring Sam Riley
British Mini-Series VictoriaSupervising Dialogue/Dialect Coach for E-Casting, as well as for first and second/final recall, including initial prep for Catherine Flemming as Duchess of Kent
TV Series “Homeland”Dialogue/Dialect Coach for Alexander Fehling as Jonas Hollander
The Young Karl MarxFeature Film directed by Raoul Peck (Dialogue/Dialect Coach for Stefan Konarske as Friedrich Engels)
Snowden / SACHAFeature Film directed by Oliver Stone (Dialect Coach for Actor Rhys Ifans, American Accent)
 Ernestine has also worked with actors Alexander Fehling, Christian Friedel, Peter Foyse, Hanno Koffler, Silke Bodenbender, Catherine Flemming, Sonja Kerskes, Lavinia Heilig, and Hannah Herzsprung in prep for international castings and events such as the European Film Awards 2015.


New York City: Musical “Chicago”Dialogue/Dialect Coach in prep for actor Pasquale Aleardi's debut on Broadway as the lead "Billy Flynn".
TV-Series “Constantine” - The Saint of Last ResortsDialogue/Dialect Coach to Werner Daehn as "Vicente" in preproduction.
Max and HeleneItalian-French coproduction and TV movie, directed by Giacomo Battiato (Dialogue/Dialect consultant for actor Hanno Koffler as Hans Berk, British English with German accent).
MatildaFeature film directed by Aleksey Uchitel (Dialogue/Dialect consultant for actor Lars Eidinger as Nicolas II., British English).
Girl on Ice / Mädchen im EisProduced by X Filme Creative Pool Berlin, directed by Stefan Krohmer (On-Set dialogue/dialect coach for leading actress Lucie Heinze, leading actors Aleksei Guskov and Anton Pampushny, and for actors Eugen Bal, Yuri Kolokolnikov and Alexander Slobodyanik).
The Girl KingProduced by Starhaus, feature film directed by Mika Kaurismäki (Dialogue consultant to actor Peter Lohmeyer as Bishop of Stockholm).
Kalte TageProduced by Ester.Reglin.Film, directed by Sebastian Ko (Dialogue consultant to leading actor Mehdi Nebbou as Paul Vogler).
Zeit der ZimmerbrändeTV-Movie produced by POLYPHON, directed by Vivian Naefe (Dialogue consultant to actress Jeanette Hain as Eve).
 Ernestine Kahn prepped Alexander Fehling as Ollie (in English) for feature film “Atomic Falaffel” directed by Dror Shaul. And Marian Meder (Swedish accent in German) as Braström for TV comedy “Küstennebel” directed by Jochen Alexander Freydank, as well as Peri Baumeister, Heike Hanold-Lynch, Alexandra Kallweit, Mehdi Nebbou, Lise Olsen and Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey in English for international castings.


Age of Cannibals / Zeit der KannibalenProduced by Studio.TV. Berlin, directed by Johannes Naber, personal dialogue/dialect coach to actor Devid Striesow and Sebastian Blomberg. Critics (selected): „Johannes Naber’s sophomore feature that’s entirely set in a series of hotel rooms and convincingly slides from high-stakes drama into wry satire. …the actors are all in perfect form" The Hollywood Reporter „The brilliant machine gun-like dialogue script reveals provocative content through a barrage of outrageously hilarious jokes. …Age of Cannibals is a sophomore sensation.” Goethe-Institut
Radical Evil / Das radikal BöseDocumentary directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Ernestine Kahn served as dialogue coach in prep and during ADR for voiceovers in English of actors Volker Bruch, Alexander Fehling, Simon Schwarz, Martin Brambach, Hanno Koffler, Benno Fuermann, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Devid Striesow, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Steffen Groth, Sebastian Urzendowsky. Winner of the Avner Shalev-Yad Vashem Chairman’s Award for Artistic Achievement in Holocaust-Related Film / International Filmfestival Jerusalem 2014. Jury remarks: The film turns the issue of mass murder during the Holocaust?and the behavior of the murderers into a matter relevant to viewers today.?Through a clever combination of archival footage,?dramatic sequences, and interviews,?the director reveals the inner makeup of "regular people"?who became murderers.
The Invitation (working title)Short film in development written by producer-actor Stefan Ziller. Dialogue consultant for the English version.
The CompanionGerman-Danish coproduction-feature film directed by Samanou Sahlstrom. Personal dialogue coach to actress Johanna Wokalek as "Julia" in English.
The Jerusalem SyndromeTV movie directed by Dror Zahavi, dialogue consultant to female lead Joerdis Triebel as Ruth Gaertner.
Field of Lost ShoesFeature film directed by Sean McNamara, dialogue/dialect coach in prep for Werner Daehn as General Franz Sigel.
OrlandoRadio Play produced by Bayrischer Rundfunk prepped actress Vera Weisbrod as Virginia Woolf citing original quotes in British English.
The Dog WeddingFeature film directed by James Lefkowitz , dialogue/dialect coach in preproduction for female lead Rosalie Thomass as Ulrike Schmidt.
The Heavy Water War Norwegian-Swedish-British mini series directed by Per-Olav Sorensen, prepping actress Peri Baumeister in preproduction as Elisabeth Schuhmacher-Heisenberg
Bella CasaGerman TV series. Dialect coach for actor Marian Meder.
Prep for international castings: 
Sergei Eisensteinfeature film directed by Peter Greenaway, prepped for E-Casting and follow up meeting with director
37 DaysTV Series for BBC
The QuestTV Series for ABC
The TeamTV German- Norwegian Coproduction
The BorgiasTV series
FuryFeature Film
Crossing LinesTV series
HieroglyphAmerican TV series, part Ambrose
 Ernestine Kahn worked on demand with actors Hannah Herzsprung, Joerdis Triebel, Johanna Wokalek, Natalia Avelon, Clemens Schick, Susan Hoecke, Stephanie Lexer, Judith Hoersch, Armin Dillenberger, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Maren Scheel, Peri Baumeister, Alexander Fehling, Werner Daehn, Hanno Koffler, Franziska Wulf, and Numan Acar.


PosthumousPersonal Dialogue/Dialect Coach to actor Alexander Fehling as Eric Alder in preproduction for feature film directed by Lulu Wang.
RestlessWorked with Alexander Fehling as Karl-Heinz in preproduction for 2-part mini-series for BBC 2, starring Charlotte Rampling, directed by Edward Hall.
EdithWorked with actress Sunnyi Melles as Anna Reinach on feature film project in preproduction, written by Joshua Sinclair.
The Girl from NagasakiPrep work with Clemens Schick as Prince Yamadori in preproduction for feature film.
Deadly ArtRadio Play (Radio Tatort) for Suedwestfunk featuring actress Ernestine Kahn as "Ann Fielding", broadcast in September 13x at all ARD radio stations within Germany.
In Your DreamsGerman-Australian TV Series, coproduction with German Channel ARD, prep work with actress Peggy Lukac as Mayor Mikula.
Vijay and IFeature film directed by Sam Garbarski, coproduction between le chien et le loup, samsa and pandora. On-Set Dialogue/Dialect Coach for leading actor Moritz Bleibtreu.
The Berlin File / The Beautiful SpyConsultant for casting and prep in English to actor Pasquale Aleardi as Dagan on feature film “The Berlin File”, German-Korean co-production, as well as for actress Valerie Niehaus and actor Nolan Huntley on TV movie “The Beautiful Spy.”
 EK prepped actors in English for the casting of the following international coproductions:
Every Thing Will Be Finedirected by Wim Wenders
Wikileaksdirected by Bill Condon
The Three MusketeersBritish TV Series
Anna KareninaGerman-Italian Mini Series
The Monuments Men 
Crossing LinesTV series, Tandem Communications
LutherBritish TV series
In BerlinGerman-Korean feature film
The Grand Budapest HotelFeature film to be directed by Wes Anderson
Short StoriesIndependent feature
Say It In EnglishA one-day seminar for management of EBSCO Information Services and Publishing for Central and Eastern European office in Berlin.
 Accent reduction, dialogue and dialect coaching in prep with actors Hannah Herzsprung, Natalie Alison, Caroline Thiele, Aykut Kayacik, Kai Schumann, Hannes Wegener, Anjorka Strechel, Susan Hoecke, and Armin Dillenberger.
 Prep work for future international coproductions to be shot in English, with grant recipients actors Alexander Fehling, Peri Baumeister, Natalia Avelon, and Werner Daehn, supported by the Department for Continual Education, German Federal Filmboard / Deutsche Filmförderungs­anstalt.


Escape from Tibet / Zwischen Himmel und ErdePrepped for and supervised in ADR actress Hannah Herzsprung, translated and rewrote narration for her part as “Johanna,” produced by Kickfilm Munich.
Hplus Digital SeriesPrepped Hannah Herzsprung as “Manta,” script written by John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso
Strike BackPrepped actress Natalia Avelon for casting, in preproduction and supervised her in ADR as “Marianna” for British TV Series, episodes 7,8,9 produced by Left Bank Pictures London for HBO and Sky.
Hommage an Max Reinhardt Salzburg Festival 2011Prepped actor Clemens Schick for Reading in English, presented by Montblanc in Castle Leopoldskron.
Geography of the Heart The Child Worked with Clemens Schick in prep as “Felix,” feature film directed by David Allain, and as “Dectective Brandmann,” feature film directed by Zoltan Bacs.
 Preparation for castings of international productions
Passionfeature film “Passion” directed by Brian de Palma,
MissingABC TV Series “Missing,”
MaryTwo-Part Miniseries “Mary” directed by Giacomo Campiotti.
Die Kirche bleibt im DorfPrepped actor Hans-Joerg Frey as “Mr. Jones” (American Accent) for independent feature film directed by Ulrike Grote, Fortune Cookie Filmproduction.
Munich 72Personal coach to Pasquale Aleardi as “Andre Spitzer” in preproduction for TV movie “Munich 72” produced by teamworx/ZDF.
 Personal coach to Natalia Avelon, Kris Kiehling on accent reduction and Markus von Lingen (British accent).
Emil Bernhard CohnFilmmaker Ernestine Kahn presented her docudrama project on Rabbi and playwright Emil Bernhard Cohn at the Jewish Museum in Berlin on March 13th, 2011.
Berlinale 2011Berlin Film Festival, coproduction market, member of panel on Coproductions in English with producer Marco Mehlitz (Lago Films), and Tolke Palm (postproduction Kinowelt).
The Heavenly MandateScript consultant for movie script (in English) of feature film “The Heavenly Mandate,” novel by Erwin Wickert, screenplay by Wolfram Wickert.
 Speech coach for management of international corporation Veolia (umweltservice), members (below-the-line) of film production company Rialto Film, as well as for mediator/lawyer Juliane Ade, Dresden Conference 2011.
2010/11Consultant to director Brigitte Maria Mayer for casting on “Der Wohnort Gottes” (English version)


 Johanna Wokalek received the Jupiter Award as Best Actress and Joerdis Triebel was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for the German Film Award in feature film Pope Joan.
Emil Bernhard CohnOngoing work on a documentary film on Emil Bernhard Cohn (1881-1948), Rabbi and playwright. On November 16th, 2010 Ernestine Kahn was invited as a speaker on her work-in-progress/film project about Rabbi and playwright Emil Bernhard Cohn in connection with the exhibition “We were Neighbors” at Berlin's Rathaus Schoeneberg (Golden Room).
Escape from Tibet / Zwischen Himmel und ErdePrep work with Hannah Herzsprung (accent reduction, dialect and dialogue coaching) for part “Johanna” in feature film “Escape from Tibet,” produced by Kick Film, directed by Maria Blumencron.
 Prep work for castings of international coproductions with actors Natalia Avelon, Pasquale Aleardi and Markus von Lingen.
WillPrep work with Kris Kiehling (accent reduction and dialect coaching) for part “Alek” in feature film “Will,” produced by Strangelove Films, directed by Ellen Perry.
Sprung über's Herz – Emil Bernhard CohnOngoing work on a documentary film on Emil Bernhard Cohn (1881-1948), Rabbi and playwright.


 Prep work with Clemens Schick as host for the competition section of the Berlinale 2009.
 Prep work for casting of international feature films and TV projects in English with actors Matthias Schweighöfer, Anna Maria Mühe, Pasquale Aleardi, Nina Kronjäger, Sinta Weisz and Luisa Wietzorek.
Pope Joan / Die Päpstin (2008)Dialogue coach for feature film and mini series directed by Soenke Wortmann, principal cast: Johanna Wokalek, John Goodman, David Wenham, Iain Glen, Anatole Taubman, Alexander Held, Claudia Michelsen, Christian Redl. Responsible for more than 70 actors, including the female lead. Constantin Film.
The Countess (2008)Dialogue coach for feature film directed by Julie Delpy, principal cast: Julie Delpy, Daniel Brühl, Anamaria Marinca, William Hurt, Anna Maria Mühe, Sebastian Blomberg, Jeanette Hain.
Sturm / Storm (2008)Prep work with Anamaria Marinca for feature film written and directed by Hans Christian Schmid; part of Mira.
Schweitzer (2008)Prep work with Jeanette Hain in preproduction of feature film on Albert Schweitzer, directed by Gavin Millar, part of daughter. NFP Berlin.
Shoot the Duke (2008) Upstairs (2008) Prep work with actor Matthias Dietrich for part in two TV movies.
 Prep work with Anna Maria Mühe for episode of British TV series “The Bill.”
 Prep work with Jeanette Hain as talk show hostess for presentation of designer Vera Wang at Berlin department store KdW, May 2008.
 Prep work for castings in English with actors Vincenz Kiefer, Claudia Michelsen, and Sebastian Blomberg.
Valkyrie (2007)Dialect coach for this feature film directed by Bryan Singer, principal cast: Tom Cruise, Kenneth Brannagh, Terence Stamp, Tom Wilkerson, Bill Nighy, Christian Berkel, Matthias Schweighöfer, and others.
Night Train (2007)Prep work with Matthias Schweighoefer as “Frankie” for feature film directed by Brian King.
Fast Track (2007)Dialogue director for this two hour movie pilot, directed by Axel Sand, executive producer and writer Lee Goldberg, principal cast: Pasquale Aleardi, Erin Cahill, and Andrew Young.
Vivienne Westwood - Berliner Lektionen (2007)Dialogue coach for Gedeon Burkhard, scenic reading, Renaissance Theater, Berlin, Nov. 2007
Speed Racer (2007) The International (2007) The Reader (2007) Prep work for casting of these feature films.
Various TV Projects (2007)Prep work with model/actress Eva Padberg for voiceover in an animation film and with actress Katarina Medvedeva for part in a German TV movie.
Bewitching Love (2006, in development)Screenplay by Helma Sanders-Brahms, based on Li Ang's “Bewitching Love“: collaboration on the dialogues and stage direction of the American-English version of the screenplay.
Mystic of Modernity – Ernst Barlach (2006)Dialogue coach and director, translation and adaptation for the English version of the documentary narrated by Mario Adorf and Leslie Malton.
Bob's Not Gay (in pre-production, 2006)Dialogue coach (for Julia Jentsch), directed by Jane Spencer starring Irène Jacob and John Lynch.
Baltic Storm (2002–2003)Dialogue coach, directed by Reuben Leder starring Jürgen Prochnow, Greta Scacchi, and Dieter Laser.
Resident Evil (2001)Dialogue und dialect coach, directed by Paul Anderson starring Mila Jovovich, Colin Salmon, Pasquale Aleardi, and James Purefoy.
Hart´s War (2001)Dialect und dialogue coach, directed by Gregory Hoblit starring Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, and Marcel Iures.
Two in Tails (2000)Dialogue coach, directed by Christian Stahl starring Sam Weber and Al Desio.
Obsession (1996)Dialogue coach, directed by Peter Sehr starring Heike Makatsch, Charles Berling, and Daniel Craig.
Terror Stalks the Class Reunion (1991)Dialogue coach, directed by Clive Donner starring Jennifer Beals, Werner Stocker, Kate Nelligan, and Geraint Wyn Davies.
The Rosegarden (1989)Dialogue coach and screenplay adaptation, directed by Fons Rademacher starring Liv Ullmann, Maximilian Schell, and Peter Fonda.
Judgment in Berlin (1987)Dialogue coach, directed by Leo Penn starring Martin Sheen, Sam Wanamaker, and Sean Penn.
Possession (1980)Dialogue coach, directed by Andrzej Zulawski starring Isabelle Adjani (best actress, Film Festival Cannes 1982) and Sam Neill.
Charlotte (1980)Dialogue coach, directed by Frans Weisz starring Birgit Doll (Best Actress, Bavarian Award 1980) and Derek Jacobi.
Quartett (1980)Dialogue coach, directed by Joel Silberg starring Sascha Hehn.
The Green Bird (1979)Dialogue coach, 2. assistant director and script supervisor, directed by Istvan Szabo starring Hannelore Elsner and Peter Andorai.

Television (Selected)

Berlin Break (1992 – 1993)Dialogue director, 26 episodes, starring Nicolas Clay. Columbia Tristar / RTL.
Little People (1989)Dialogue coach and screenplay adaptation, mini series, directed by Cinzia Torrini starring Leslie Malton and Steven Brennan. Ziegler Film.

Television (Selected)

Berlin Break (1992 – 1993) Dialogue director, 26 episodes, starring Nicolas Clay. Columbia Tristar / RTL.
Little People (1989) Dialogue coach and screenplay adaptation, mini series, directed by Cinzia Torrini starring Leslie Malton and Steven Brennan. Ziegler Film.

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